Artist Consultation

With the constant changing of how we view and listen to music, our team helps put the music where it counts whether its on TV in the background of your favorite shows or in the latest blockbuster movies. With our global relationships we are able to help artist place their songs with companies who are looking for that special song to go with their new TV Show,commercial,movie or brand. With that, artist are able to make money through sync licencing. We also specialize in marketing,media software development apps and promotion of brands along with music consultation for artist and labels. We build awareness through our radio partners,social media and many more media outlets.

We also have a managing team that deals directly with artist development and music promotion(Artist or Label must have a budget).

We have strong relationships with some of the biggest record company A&R's in the business. 


You might already be managing some elements of your music career. You’re probably already booking some of your own shows.  You just need some extra help to teach you how to do some things that you don’t know, things like:

  • What does it take to get a record deal (and do you really need one)?

  • Do you need a manager, distribution, a publicist, a booking agent or learn how to do some of this yourself?

  • Understanding the recording process: how to find a good studio, how to budget for your record, how to prepare your record for mastering or releasing it.

  • What kind of merchandise should your band order, how much should you charge, and where you can go to get the best prices?

  • How to book your own tour and not go broke while on the road.

  • How to license your music so you can get it info films, video games, tv shows, and more.

  • How to make a living with your music.

Maybe you have some other things in mind as well. It’s your chance to get personalized advice for your music, your project, and your dream. You can ask any questions you’d like about any stage of your career and We'll give you straightforward advice, ideas you can use right away, and answers based off of years of experience and natural know-how.

With almost two decades of experience releasing records and touring the country, as well as helping out dozens of artists, I can give you definitive insight into the steps you’ll need to take for your career. I have a background in business in addition to years as an owner of a record label, a promoter, a touring musician, and working in the studio.

The Rates

We will give you answers and advice for $100/hour. This can be done online, by phone, or in person if you are local. Most clients will be surprised at how many of their initial questions are answered in the first 60 minutes and you can make the most of it by preparing questions/items for discussion. I’ll also review your press kit and music in advance (you don’t need to pay for this time, only the actual consultation session). 50% of this money is also donated to charity (you can choose from several great organizations that I’m supporting).

The rate is prepaid via paypal and we’ll reserve an appointment for you (or your entire band) in advance. A monthly retainer can be charged for long term projects, and discount applies for 3 prep-paid sessions or more.

Whether you need to advice on your band name, how to trademark your materials, if you need industry insight for your materials.

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