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Meet Gold certified selling songwriter, producer and artist BiggKen.

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My Story

Born Ken Johnson in Chicago, IL. BiggKen is a producer, songwriter, rapper & entrepreneur. BiggKen was raised in the down south in Jackson, Mississippi by a single mom who herself was in the gospel music industry playing the guitar. BiggKen grew up on the HipHop and often while in High school competed in rap battles making a name for himself as competitive rapper. Graduated high school and did a couple of tours in the Army came back out and jumped right into the music scene again starting as a part time DJ and jingle maker for the local radio station WJMI 99.7. BiggKen who went by the name at that time (Mista Naked) dropped his own single called (Girls In Da Club) which caught the attention of program director Stan Branson and soon after got him added to radio and soon after became a hot single getting added regionally on radio. Selling independently over 500,000 units landed him a deal with Liquid 8/Interscope records who at that time had artist like Silk, Smokey Robinson, Keith Sweat makinghim the first HipHop artist on the label. After doing a couple of records BiggKen decided to focus on businesses, he started his own trucking company (BiggTruck Carriers) which is still active to this day with over 50 trucks in the fleet based out of Dallas, TX. BiggKen also started a music consulting company (4535 Music) in which he manages artist and consult labels. BiggKen never stopped doing music he continues to drop music keeping his name in the mix but mainly focuses on his artist careers!

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